The Inaset Awards has three phases. First, you send us your best work. Second, we select the shortlist of entrants. Finally, we announce the winners.

This competition has three phases:

This competition has three phases:

Phase 1: Applications

February 28th, 2018
Deadline: 23h59 (GMT)

Complete the application form and upload the work(s) you wish to submit. You may participate with more than one printed work.

Please read the competition Rules for more details.

Participants will be notified by email within 2 working days as to whether their application has been deemed to meet the entry criteria and has been accepted or not.

Phase 2: Shortlist

March 16th, 2018

The shortlist will be announced and the shortlisted entrants will be informed by email.

Entries on the shortlist will be evaluated by the jury. The winners will be selected from this shortlist.

Between March 17th, 2018 and April 30th, 2018

During this period, the shortlisted entrants will be asked to send a physical copy (i.e. printed version) of their shortlisted entry.

Phase 3: Winners' Announcement

May 31st 2018

This is the day! The jury will announce the identities of the 3 lucky winners of the Inaset Awards 2018 Edition.

The Jury

The jury will follow specific evaluation criteria, as described in the published rules (point 7).
Our jury is ready to be amazed by your talent. Go find your best work and share with us those works printed on INASET paper.


The three best works submitted to this competition will be awarded, and Designers and Printers will win great prizes.